Unlock the Power of 3DEXPERIENCE:  A 9-Part Video Series

Master the cloud interface, roles, apps, and more through our expert-led video series.

Discover the full potential of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with our expert-led video series. Navigate seamlessly through the cloud, leverage roles and apps effectively, and customize your design experience to suit your unique needs.

Why Download These Exclusive Webinars?

  • Intuitive Cloud Navigation: Master the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud interface with ease.
  • Role-Based Customization: Learn to tailor the platform using roles and apps.
  • Efficient Data Management: Organize and access your data like never before.

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3dexperience 9 part series

Your Instructors: Pioneers in 3DEXPERIENCE

Discover the seasoned professionals behind our insightful 3DEXPERIENCE courses, bringing a wealth of experience and industry insights to your learning journey.


Alex Reding

Alex has 10+ years of SOLIDWORKS experience, 5+ of those as an industrial designer in packaging and product development.


Cam Murray

Prior to joining our team, Cam was a technology teacher and has had a handful of internships in the engineering field.

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