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Embark on an exclusive journey with 'The Diary of a CAD Admin,' a two-part webinar series tailored for ambitious CAD professionals. Our seasoned experts offer a wealth of knowledge, from meticulous upgrade planning to robust data security strategies.

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    • Learn from seasoned CAD professionals as they share their valuable insights on CAD administration, offering actionable strategies that can streamline your upgrade processes and enhance your data security.
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    • Elevate your technical skills with advanced knowledge on optimizing workflows and templates, ensuring you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving CAD landscape.
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Your Webinar Hosts: Pioneers in CAD Administration

Discover the seasoned professionals behind our insightful CAD webinars, bringing a wealth of experience and industry acumen to your learning journey.


Sara Reynolds

20 years of global experience, orchestrating training and services at CADimensions.


Brady Sherrill

8-years in mechanical design with a 4-year deep dive as a PDM administrator.


Nate Andrews

20 years of mastering SOLIDWORKS design and PDM administration, with a strategic focus on engineering management.

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